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Terms and Conditions

This website was created and managed by Lion Capital S.A. (the new corporate name since March 24, 2023, of Societatea de Investiții Financiare Banat-Crișana S.A.) with the headquarters in Arad, 35A Calea Victoriei, 310158, Arad county, Romania.

The users’ access and the use of this website are governed by all the applicable Romanian laws and regulations.

The content of this website is public information and belongs to Lion Capital S.A. Texts may be reproduced provided the source is specified.

No part of the website may be considered as an offer to sale (except for the explicit stake sale announcements) or buy. No part of the website may be considered as an investment or divestment advice. The public information on this site is provided as is, having the sole purpose of informing. Lion Capital S.A. recommends that users consult qualified persons for valuation of any type of security, index, report, opinion, advice or any other contents.

Lion Capital S.A. strives to provide reliable information on its website, but does not guarantee that the information is accurate, except for the current and periodical reports which are prepared in accordance with Law no. 24/2017, Regulation no. 5/2018, Regulation EU no. 1055/2016 et al.

Under no circumstance shall Lion Capital S.A. be liable for any distorted data resulting from failure to transmit, technical data, interruption or viruses.

Starting from May 25, 2018, the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (”GDPR”) on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data such data come into force and will be applied by all EU Member States. Lion Capital S.A. further undertakes to protect and respect the confidentiality of the personal data that it has access to or which it processes in its activity.

Lion Capital S.A. respects the privacy of visitors to its website. The website can be visited without disclosing visitors’ identity or private information to Lion Capital S.A. In some cases, Lion Capital S.A. may need that users submit such information that are personal data, such as name, company name, postal address, e-mail address etc. The user may be required to provide voluntarily this information. The user will be required to provide this information on a voluntary basis in accordance with the Protection of personal data policy. Users are required to provide accurate, accurate and complete data.

Lion Capital will take all necessary safety measures to protect the personal data provided by the users of Lion Capital S.A., the owner of the website, undertakes to use the visitors’ private data insofar as for the legitimate purposes, as per the Protection of personal data policy.

Lion Capital S.A. may use the personal data information submitted by users for the services provided to the public, for research purposes or to improve the website. Concerning the personal data processed by the Company, users have the right to access personal data, the right to rectify personal data, respectively to obtain the completion of personal data that is incomplete, the right to delete personal data, the right to restrict the processing of personal data, the right to portability of personal data, if technically feasible, the right to object to the processing of personal data, the right to refer to the competent authorities, the Authority National Supervisory Authority for the Processing of Personal Data in Romania.

For details on company policies and users’ rights regarding the processing of personal data, please see our Protection of personal data policy

Lion Capital S.A. strives to meet W3C recommendations regarding the website content accessibility. All images are accompanied by alternative text, the navigation is simple and intuitive, and to open or view  .pdf files you can use for free the Reader Acrobat application. This website can be visited in the best conditions using the browsers: Microsoft Edge, Safari, Mozilla, Chrome. The website is designed to be used for common navigation, supporting access requests with a frequency justified by the human specific capacity for information. Lion Capital S.A. reserves the right to block, without prior notice and without being bound to provide explanations, the access of certain Internet address (IP) to, for an indefinite period, if it identifies a behavior that cannot be justified by the common or reasonable access to Lion Capital S.A. website or if a user breaches other provisions of the terms and conditions of use.

Lion Capital S.A. reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, without any prior notice. Also, the information on the website may be changed any time and as often as necessary.

If you have any questions about these terms or conditions, please contact us. We will answer promptly.

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